Steve Balmer – CEO da Microsoft está “debaixo de fogo”, com fortes críticas na imprensa depois da Apple ter ultrapassado a Microsoft em valorização bolsista   e da “fraca” prestação na conferência D8 | All Things Digital do The Wall Street Journal.

Seguem alguns dos “recortes de imprensa” críticos a Steve Balmer:

FASTCOMPANY – Microsoft Needs Bill Gates Back

By: Farhad Manjoo / Ilustração de Frank Chimero – FastCompany

Ballmer-Gates-microsoft-needs-bill-gates-back-panoramic (…)According to The Wall Street Journal, about 10% of Microsoft employees carry iPhones anyway, but they hide them in ugly cases, like concealing a comic book in a newspaper.

Ballmer’s insecurity about his employees’ iPhones suggests a larger myopia. His Microsoft seems rudderless, without any real goals other than to react fretfully to whatever Google and Apple do in categories they already dominate. Remember when Microsoft was the fearless Death Star, the gravitational force that determined the direction of everything else in tech? Those days are long gone. Ballmer took over as CEO in 2000, as Bill Gates began his long departure from the firm. It hasn’t been a happy decade.(…)

Fonte: FastCompany – 1 de Junho 2010

FORTUNE – Steve Ballmer doesn’t get it

By: Adam Lashinsky

Microsoft’s CEO knows the future of personal computing lies with mobile, yet he continues to live

(…) Yet here was Ballmer traveling down a semantical rabbit hole over the future of the PCs. In Ballmerworld, it doesn’t matter that the PC is shrinking in relevance. Any device is a computer, and people will want to use Windows because they’re so familiar with it. By the way, Windows 7, Microsoft’s latest release, is crushing it, further proof that computer users love Microsoft.
CEOs certainly are paid to put on a happy face and represent as well as possible. But hearing Ballmer at the Wall Street Journal’s D conference left me with one question: What is the guy smoking? Windows 7 has been a “success” in part because Microsoft’s previous effort, Vista, was such a stinker. Businesses the world over held off so long on upgrading their PCs that once Microsoft got it right they had no choice but to start replacing obsolete equipment. (…)


Fonte:Fortune – 7 de Junho 2010

Business Insider – Meet The New CEO Of Microsoft

By: Jay Yarow
steve ballmer(…) Sorry, Steve. We think it’s getting to be time for you to move on.
Yes, you love Microsoft, and you’re the company’s greatest cheerleader. That’s not what Microsoft needs today. The two cash cows that support Microsoft — Windows and Office — are being assaulted by Apple and Google.
Microsoft needs an executive with a thorough understanding of these threats and a plan to diffuse them. So far, it doesn’t appear to be you. (…)

Fonte: Business Insider – 8 de Junho

A Business Insider apresenta o perfil dos dos potenciais “candidatos” ao lugar de CEO da Microsoft onde se inclui também Bill Gates, o mais votado/desejado pelos leitores da Business Insider.