O resultados líquidos do Google no último trimestre ultrapassaram as expectativas.

A receita do trimestre foi de 7,3 mil milhões de dólares, ou sejam um crescimento de 23% face ao ano passado.

Em relação ao lucro, ficou nos 2,93 mil milhões (380 milhões acima das estimativas), o que representa um ganho por acção de 7,64 dólares.

As acções do Google (GOOG), fecharam hoje nos 540,93 dólares (-0,44% face ao dia de ontem).

Veja a os slides de resumo dos resultados do terceiro trimestre:

Google released third quarter earnings a few minutes ago. Above are the slides showing its results. Revenues jumped 23 percent to $7.3 billion. Net income was up 18 percent to $2.2 billion. On a non-GAAP basis, earnings per share rose slightly faster to $7.64. This blew away the consensus estimate of $6.67 among Wall Street analysts.

Google ended the quarter with with $33.4 billion in cash and 23,300 employees (300 of those came from acquisitions). Paid clicks were up 16 percent on an annual basis. Cost per click was up 3 percent. Non-search revenues for the quarter (which includes Google Apps for Enterprise) were $254 million, up 35 percent for a year ago, but slightly down from $258 million in the second quarter.

Google also offered some new numbers on some of its non-search businesses. Non-text search, including display ads from DoubleClick and YouTube ads, are on a $2.5 billion revenue run-rate. Google is putting ads on 2 billion video views a week. And mobile search is on track to be a $1 billion business this year.
Via: TechCrunch