A Apple divulga hoje, os resultados do último trimestre.
O mercado está em grande expectativa sobre os resultados que serão divulgados dentro de algumas horas.

O site Business Insider fez a análise sobre os objectivos/expectativas e os resultados reais apresentados ao longo dos últimos anos.
Em média, a Apple tem superado as expectativas de resultados por acção em 41%.

Assim, para hoje, é expectável que os ganhos por acção sejam de superiores aos 3,44 dólares e as receitas acima dos 18 mil milhões no trimestre que foram apresentados como metas do trimestre.

A cotação da Apple está novamente em máximo histórico, a cotar acima dos 316 dólares por acção.

Pode ouvir apresentação de resultados no site da Apple – Clique Aqui

Apple is known for dramatically lowballing its profit guidance, and then miraculously blowing out “expectations.”

Since Sept. 2006, Apple has topped its quarterly EPS guidance by an average 41%, and its revenue guidance by an average 9%.

So what does that mean for this quarter, which will be reported this afternoon? (Join us for LIVE coverage.)

It’s a little tricky, because Apple significantly changed its accounting practices a few quarters ago. It now recognizes iPhone revenue almost all at once, instead of spreading it over 24 months. So we won’t know reliably for a few more quarters just how much Apple is lowballing its guidance using the new numbers. (Though the last two quarters, Apple blew out its numbers even more than it usually does.)

But running the old formula, based on Apple’s September quarter guidance of $3.44 EPS and $18 billion in sales, history suggests Apple should report EPS of about $4.85 on $19.6 billion of revenue.

Wall Street expects lower earnings and revenue: Consensus stands at $4.06 of EPS on $18.86 billion of sales. So Apple is set up to once again “surprise.”

Fonte: Business Insider