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2011: Demand Media, Linkedin, Pandora, Groupon, Jive e Zynga

2012 será o ano de entrada em bolsa do Facebook, que deixará o segundo mercado para entrar no NASDAQ.
Mas, durante o ano passado foram várias as start-up´s tecnológicas que se estrearam na entrada em bolsa.

Fica a evolução (negativa) das start-up´s: Demand Media, Linkedin, Pandora, Groupon, Jive e Zynga nos meses que se seguiram à entrada em bolsa:

chart of the day, tech companies' value since ipo, dec 30 2011

From Demand Media to LinkedIn to Pandora to Groupon, and then Zynga and Jive, 2011 was the year private companies finally started breaking into the public markets.

It’s all set up for next year when Facebook finally IPOs. That should be one of the biggest, most interesting events of the year.

But before we jump into 2012’s IPO market, we’re taking a look at how this year’s IPOs treated investors who bought on the first day of trading. As you can see, buying into a tech IPO on the open market was a losing move. (Of course, buying into any stock and hoping to win the investing game is a losing move.)

Will these crappy short term stock performances affect the next wave of IPOs? We doubt it. Each company is different. And Facebook is the big one everyone has been excited about.

Fonte: Business Insider

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