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Guerra de Titãs: A batalha para se tornar o líder em pesquisas no Mobile (via TechCrunch)

Clash of the Titans: The Battle To Become The Mobile Search Leader Editor’s note: The following guest post is by Krishna Subramanian, co-founder of mobile ad exchange Mobclix. Mobile search is still one of the big unclaimed prizes on the mobile web. Everyone from Google and Yahoo to Apple is going after it, but Microsoft’s Bing may stealthily become the king of the castle by aggressively promoting Bing through mobile apps. Let’s look at each player’s mobile search strategy. Apple: In The Driver’s Seat During the … Read More

via TechCrunch

Apple, Google, Microsoft, Nokia, Sony e Amazon
Titãs em competição pelo “Monopólio de Consumidores” e “Portagem na Ponte”

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