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Disney compra Tapulous (via TechCrunch)

A Disney comprou a Tapulous empresa de desenvolvimento de jogos para iPhone, iPod Touch e iPad.
O valor da compra não foi revelado.

A Tapulous será integrada na Disney Interactive Studios, onde terá um papel importante na estratégia digital da Disney de levar os jogos com personagens do universo Disney, Pixar e Marvel para as novas plataformas.

Breaking: Tapulous Acquired By Disney Tapulous has been acquired by Disney. The iPhone gaming startup with several hits on its hands was founded by Bart Decrem, who will join Disney as a senior VP. COO Andrew Lacy is also joining Disney as a senior VP. Disney is very interested in social and mobile gaming, having recently invested in Playdom’s $33 million round. Tapulous is a hot iPhone gaming startup which has raised only $1.8 million from angel investors including Marc Benioff, Jef … Read More

via TechCrunch

Post no Blog da Tapulous

Tapping On! – By Bart

Wow, it’s a remarkable day for Tapulous. Today, we announced that we are joining Disney. We will be a key part of

Disney Interactive Media Group, spearheading their drive to be the leader in mobile entertainment.

As part of Disney Interactive Media Group, we’ll develop more games, more quickly and with the resources of the world’s leading entertainment company. We will continue to develop apps that live at the intersection of music and gaming, but we’ll also push into new and exciting areas of mobile social entertainment. We’re literally bursting with ideas for new apps!

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Disney, Pixar e Marvel

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